“Aurelia Nolin, the Must go to Alexander Technique Teacher in Manhattan”.

“I have had backaches for years, especially since the birth of my children, mixed with a lot of anxiety. I saw a lot of doctors and chiropractors, but no one has been able to soothe my pain. When I started working with Aurelia in the Alexander technique, I instantly felt relief and calm in my body.”

This technique is teaching me how to feel better by doing less. It is reprogramming my mind in a way that relaxes my body and calms my anxiety. It is quite fascinating.”

Caroline Apel, NYC.

 “As I leave Aurelia’s warm and inviting studio space, I feel one inch taller, my legs stretching to a wider, yet more comfortable, stride. I feel more flexible and more aware of my body now than I was an hour ago.

I now find myself thinking about my movements in a different way. Working with the force of gravity, instead of against it. My body works more efficiently now and seems to take even the uneven pavement in stride.

I am someone with medical conditions. I am not a dancer, I am not physically fit. But now I feel more empowered, to not let my medical conditions limit me, or determine how I choose to move my body. And all this, after just my first visit. It definitely won’t be my last.”

Jen Wallis, NYC.

“I came to Aurelia with a stiff painful neck,  after taking lessons with her,  I was able to move my head freely. She gave me a new way of looking at my posture habits and taught me how to ease muscles tensions. I have discovered with Aurelia’s help an easier way to move, and feel much better when working at my computer for instance.  Working with Aurelia has helped me improve my quality of life greatly!  Aurelia is a  “Must Do” Alexander Technique Teacher in Manhattan.”

Judy, Graphic Designer, NYC.

“Aurelia Nolin came to my company, Handmade Frames to give Alexander Technique lessons to the staff members.
We enjoyed having Aurelia here so much and I heard many grateful comments from the people she worked with.
She is very attentive and has a gentle way of sharing a great deal very quickly- from the first moment each person was made quite comfortable, and she also made it very easy for them to understand what they could do to allow her skills to ameliorate their extra tensions.
I am sure that a lot of the important things happening were things that didn’t need to be said- so that they were communicated more quickly than words would allow.
We are generally doing work that requires a lot of concentration, and in many cases, muscle as well, and so it was very valuable to everyone to have a few quiet moments, learning to undo the stress and strain that accumulates in working. She also followed most of them to their work-stations for efficient lessons in how to be more relaxed as they are working.

Paul Baumann, CEO, Hand Made Frame us.

With the help of  Alexander Technique, I discovered that it is possible to function better.  I rethink the way my body works, it opens up new possibilities to leave a more balanced and meaningful life, through a natural solution.

“Aurelia has an extremely caring touch, a great gentleness in her gestures and understanding of her clients that makes the sessions particularly pleasant and effective.”

Aline Bourg, Senior Account Executive, NYC.