• Acting On set or part preparation tailored to suit.
  • Price on demande
  • Corporate coaching –Presence

Voice, breathing and public presentation. On site $150 an hour

Re-claim your uniqueness in relationship to the world.


“Presence is a universal quality that we all have locked away in our bodies and breath, which can be awakened. ” (…)

“Presence is the energy that comes from you and connects you to the outside world. It enables you to honour; understand and empathize with others. A leader’s presence inspires confidence in followers. ”

Patsy Rodenburg.


  • Developing unique strategies for improving presentation and effective communication skills, for professional and personal life.
  • You will be introduced to the Alexander Technique in an active exploration, and you will experience how the Technique changes the way one thinks and responds in activity. You’ll be guided through the work, by the teacher’s hands and group exercises on awareness. You will evaluate the force of habits, holdings and contractions: how do they manifest in your body? What are the long term harmful effects?
  • You will achieve a better understanding of your breathing pattern, the use of the voice; your posture as a whole, and how these patterns can positively or negatively affect the quality of interaction with your peers.
  • You will regain a more efficient coordination. You will cope better with stress.
  • You will look at how you are engaging with each other and what makes you so unique or special? You will clarify your relationship to the environment, to reconnect with a positive attitude to regain full potential, to profoundly enhance your presence.