Alexander lesson

What to expect during an Alexander lesson.

I give 45 minute private lessons on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. You will not undress, you will spend a very relaxing time on a massage table receiving hands on guidance and verbal instructions. You’ll will also stand, sit and move to stimulate and recondition your posture and Use.

During lessons, we will explore your postural habits and you will gain a greater self-awareness. You’ll learn how to use less muscular and mental strain and deepen mind-body-emotion. You’ll regain a natural optimal use of the whole self and a more efficient mechanical use of your body structure.

Recommended sessions’ frequency is once a week. To start, a minimum of 30 lessons is advised, because this is a cumulative process. The duration of the cycle of lessons depends on your goals and is adjustable to your unique needs.


  • Lesson Fees
  • One-to-One Lessons:  $75  /  45 Minutes
  • Package
  • One-to-One Lessons
  • 5 Lessons             $350                                        $70
  • 10 Lessons          $680                                        $68


Group lessons can be arranged on demand.