About Aurelia Nolin

Aurelia Nolin, ACAT, AmSAT certified teacher.

I have completed my training at ACAT in New York City and I am an AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, which involved 1600 hours of training over 3 years. I am a French actress and theatre director and have worked internationally. I acted in film, television and theater. I founded and managed The International Institute of Performing Arts for 10 years, a nonprofit organization that raised funding for continuing education. The Institute has been producing hundreds of training workshops around Europe and invited international artists to teach and exchange their skills and technique.

I have always been passionate about helping performing artists to strengthen their craft and meet their professional needs to reach new goals.

I relocated to New York City and began my pursuit of becoming an Alexander Technique teacher.


Professional Certifications


American Center for the Alexander Technique.


American Society of the Alexander Technique teachers.